Francis Hee Houng

Nationality: Citizen of the Republic of Trinidad und Tobago.   German profession: Architect Registered Architect of the Architect Association in Hamburg.Since 1967 employed with the Government of Hamburg. His main job was to design Public Schools, Sporthalls and Youth Centers.   

1967 Active Tabletennis Player in Hamburg. He was the  organizer for the Trinidad & Tobago Tabletennis team and the BWIA Giants to visit Hamburg and a return visit of the German Tabletennis team to Trinidad & Tobago. He is also a Professional Tabletennis coach of the German Tabletennis Association and has made many Training sessions at the UCWI in Trinidad. Founded the first Tabletennis School in Hamburg and made it possible that Tabletennis would be a chosen subject for the A-Levels. Many training camps were made by him all over Germany and in Hungary. 

1988: Founded the first SOCA & Calypso Band in Germany which is today the biggest Caribbean Band in Germany with original music from Trinidad & Tobago with the aim  to spred the Caribbean Music, which was then taken to Spain and Turkey and other countries in the Far East. Also founded a radio station Radio Tropical in English and German playing once a week the latest music from Trinidad & Tobago.

2001 - 2003     Mr. Hee Houng was Coordinator for many  Projects.                                  a)    15 Music Teachers to visit Trinidad & Tobago to learn more                                about our msic and Culture.                                                                            b)    The defence Force Steelpan Orchestra to visit Germany and                              to take part in the 38th Musicshow of the nations with Russia,                          China,Canade  etc.                                                                                           c)    The Trinidad & Tobago Police Band to take part in Festivals in                          Hamburg Brandenburg, Neumünster, Berlin and Köln.

2008 : Mr. Hee Houng was  given an award by the High Commission of London from The Trinidad & Tobogo Gov't. for his long and Dedicated Service in the fields of Sport and Culture in Germany.